Desert Horizon House

Turning Ideas into Works of Art

The views from the Horizon House will leave you breathless. Rising up from the mountains outside of Joshua Tree, California, The Horizon House captivates with its perfect balance between innovative architecture and inspired desert landscaping. The organic design of the home and outside spaces were designed to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living. The Horizon House is a rare property that radiates a ‘magic feeling’ only found when the connection between the structure and the land are in balance.

"The building SITE is the most important element. All things should be designed to fit into the entire space. The end result should look as if the building and landscaping have been there forever, that nothing was designed. It’s about the structure and energy."

W. Garett Carlson

Landscape Architect and Developer of Magical Spaces LandArc, Beverly Hills CA

Garett Carlson has been creating beautiful architectural landscape environments for more than 35 years. Garett’s landscapes are recognizable for their sheer magic and imagination. He is a widely respected landscape architect who brings a unique approach to site planning and remarkable aesthetic to the design of ‘outdoor space’. Garett believes the proper placement of the home on the lot is the most critical step in the design/build process. His firm, LandArc, offers clients a highly personal and hands on approach to each project. Clients often describe finished landscapes as looking as though the finished project ‘had been there forever’.

Garett received his degree in landscape architecture from Cal Poly Pomona and later did his graduate work in architecture at UCLA. He gained practical experience under the masterful tutelage of the renowned landscape architect Dudley Trudgett. From Dudley, Garett adopted the philosophy that landscape architecture begins with the ability to unlock the potential of the site. That tradition continues today.

One of Garett’s other passions is home building and design. The combination of Garett’s considerable landscaping expertise and his ability to make a structure blend organically with the home site, gives his properties a unique beauty and positive energy that will astound you. To find out more about Garett’s rare architectural take on landscape and home design, please check out the LandArc website.

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